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Meso Caffeine 2,5% (20x2 ml) - Simildiet


- Simildiet Meso Caffeine 2.5% is a mesotherapy treatment. Its formula with a high concentration of active ingredients ensures optimal weight loss. Its various components target specific areas to eliminate cellulite and all fatty nodules.

- With this product, erasing the imperfections of the body is very simple. The caffeine it contains stimulates the body to eliminate fat accumulations in the body more effectively. The formula also works deep down to firm the skin while smoothing it.

- The box of Meso caffeine simildiet 2.5% contains 20 vials of 2 ml.


  • Meso Caffeine simildiet 2,5 % contains a high proportion of caffeine. This active ingredient prevents the body's natural reaction that leads to the accumulation of fat in certain areas. It also provokes reactions that ensure the elimination of lipids in the body.
  • Using Simildiet's signature product helps fight the formation of stretch marks. Its unique properties also smooth orange peel skin. The result will be a toned and smoother skin. Meso Caffeine 2.5% is also an excellent ally for slimming. By eliminating the fat in the body, it refines the silhouette for a more aesthetic result.


Meso Caffeine 2.5% is an excellent treatment for slimming the figure. To be applied on various parts of the body, it erases the unsightly traces of stretch marks or cellulite. Acting on the accumulation of fat in the body, this product stimulates the skin and firms it up. The result is a smooth and toned skin.


This product contains 2.5% caffeine.

Application protocol


  • Simildiet Meso Caffeine 2.5% is applied directly to the area to be treated. Before proceeding, the part of the body to be treated must be perfectly clean.
  • The intervention of a health professional is necessary for the application of this mesotherapy treatment.
  • To accelerate the penetration of the product in the body, it can be used in complement with a Dermaroller or any other accessory of mesotherapy.


Meso Caffeine 2,5% (20x2 ml) - Simildiet